Trademark Support Services

Trademark Support Services

Your partner in effective trademark portfolio management.

Trademarks are one of the most critical components in building a solid brand. The process of identifying a brand name, getting it trademarked, and keeping the trademark active can be lengthy, complicated, and time-consuming. As brands become global, trademark portfolios keep getting bigger. As a result, in-house trademarks teams and trademark counsel are constantly under pressure to deliver more in less time.

Whether you are challenged with filing more trademarks quickly or managing an ever-growing trademark portfolio with limited resources, our Trademark Support Services offer an end-to-end solution to help you accomplish your goals. You may choose one or all of the components that are integral to our service offerings.



“Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

– Walter Landor

Services We Offer

Trademark Clearance Searches

We conduct clearance searches using public and commercial trademark databases and provide a comprehensive report to the trademark attorneys for making appropriate filing decisions.

Trademark  Paralegal Services

Our team is responsible for coordinating with local agents in different jurisdictions, preparing formalities documents associated with filing and examination of trademarks like preparation of power of attorney, evidence of use, application forms, cautionary notices, etc.

Trademark Docketing

Trexo Global’s trademark docketing team manages the outgoing and incoming correspondence between Trademark Offices, Foreign Agents, and Trademark Attorneys and dockets deadlines related to filing, examination, and renewals into the customer’s docketing system.

Trademark Renewals

Our team can send renewal reminders to clients/internal business units, gather renewal decisions, instruct local agents to file renewals, attend to formalities required by different jurisdictions, and ensure the renewal cycle is accurately completed as per local renewal laws.

File Room Management

Our facilities are equipped to host your trademark file rooms, thus allowing you to free up significant real estate. Our team keeps the physical files up-to-date, scans all incoming and outgoing correspondence, saves it in your document management system, and sends and receives hard copies of documents requested by local agents for filing or renewals.

Trademark Payments

It can be daunting to validate invoices and pay local agents for different tasks in their respective currencies. Our integrated solution ensures that we receive, validate, and pay the local agents in their respective currencies for all trademark-related tasks. In contrast, you pay a single invoice to us in your local currency.

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