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Technology can help you improve the way you carry out tasks. It can either speed up existing processes or allow new, more flexible ways of carrying out the job. Streamline your IP business processes with our intelligent automation

Our conversations with stakeholders in the IP landscape uncovered specific challenges with current systems and processes. Existing software solutions lack efficiency. Despite being used for over a decade, IP processes are still manually executed, making them prone to risks and errors.

The major hindrance to changing software is the time-consuming and exhaustive change management process. There can be financial losses due to issues with data migration and third-party integrations like document management and billing. Most systems do not allow users to choose the specific functionalities they need the most.

Trexo Global is solving this problem using TREXO, our unique set of products that counter these challenges. Each product within the TREXO, universe is an independent module built to address specific IP process-related issues and can be implemented quickly with minimal or no change management. None of our solutions requires changing an organization’s existing enterprise systems.

TREXO: Spearheading the transformation of IP processes

TREXO, is a future-ready modular platform that aims to enhance efficiency and risk management within the intellectual property processes. Built using the latest technology, TREXO offers our customers the flexibility to choose the modules that best serve their automation and business needs. Each module solves a real-world problem for one or more personas within the IP value chain. Our design-led approach in developing the platform has ensured quick implementation and minimal change management for customers, contrary to the experience served by legacy systems. Experience the world of TREXO.

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What makes us stand out is that our products are independent modules that can be implemented quickly and without changing your organization’s existing systems.