IP Consulting

IP Consulting

Process Design & Transformation: Defining the path to operational excellence for IP Processes

The Intellectual Property Consulting Practice aims to future-proof businesses by evaluating IP process designs and how they impact the effective utilization of people and technology. Our approach involves the best of both worlds – qualitative and quantitative indicators to evaluate processes. We know applying Lean or Six Sigma principles is not enough; we take it further and contextualize concepts based on business nuances. The age-old management adage, ‘what cannot be measured, cannot be improved,’ runs in our blood. We ensure that clients track and measure correct KPIs and KRAs. Our consultants help clients understand and improve their IP practices, which benefit people, processes, and technology.


  • People – Identify the right mix of talent and skills to ensure business execution at profitable figures.
  • Processes – Enhance processes to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and accelerate growth through robust change management initiatives.
  • Technology – Help in choosing the best future-ready technology applications that are resilient and will keep customers one step ahead of the competition

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

– Bill Gates.

Quantitative Process Mapping

Our in-house proprietary approach and methodology have been developed by our Principal Consultant and have been in practice for over a decade. This methodology has scripted success stories for our customers over the years. We stand out in how we map the entire end-to-end process, capturing both upstream and downstream operations, impacting efficiency, risk, or both. Depending on the parent process, this can be mapped at Level 2 or 3. The current state process map evaluates the following metrics:


  • Processing Time (impacting cost)
  • Lead Time (impacting turnaround time)
  • Workload (impacting backlogs)


Once we complete the analysis of the AS-IS (current state) processes, we suggest improvements for the future state, clearly articulating the rationale behind every proposed change. The proposed changes revolve around using different resources, existing or new technology applications and modifying existing workflows to achieve better efficiencies. Some of the key processes covered in this sample study as a standard are:


  • Docketing workflow and controls
  • New application filings
  • Foreign filings
  • IDS management
  • Office Action response preparation and filing
  • Notice of Allowance review
  • Annuities & renewal management

Principal Consultant Profile

The captain of the consulting practice, Bikram Sethi, is the Co-founder and COO of Trexo Global. Over the past decade, he has accumulated valuable experience helping and advising clients on strategic management activities. Bikram possesses an overall understanding of 18 years in operations management, client consulting, and process design. Out of these 18 years, 13 years were dedicated to multiple roles across IP Consulting, IP Prosecution, Maintenance, and IPMS implementations.

Bikram has the unique experience of working with some of the top names in the industry, such as GE, Thomson Reuters, CPA Global, and Clarivate. Undoubtedly, he is an IP Operations veteran and one of the key names behind establishing the largest IP Operations team in the world. Bikram holds a Black Belt certification in Lean & Six Sigma and has developed several tools and practices to offer exceptional IP process solutions.

Over the last few years, Bikram has been actively advising large law firms and corporate IP departments with their IP process design and operations. Some of his success stories are:

  • Post-merger review and integration of IP processes for two large IP practices
  • Process design for automating workflows within IP Management software for a heavy engineering company
  • Process review and implementation of IP Management Software for three large conglomerates
  • Benchmarking report of Trademark Searching capabilities within commercial and government-owned systems for a large PTO
  • IP Process best practices toolkit and workshop for a major telecom brand

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