Patent Support services

Patent Support Services

Is your patent workload testing your patience? Relax; we’ve got your back.

Our patent support services are designed to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of missing deadlines. We are always there to assist if you need dedicated resources to manage IP processes or require interim support for special situations.

Our focus on leveraging people and technology for precautionary and remedial measures ensures we always deliver high-quality output to our customers.



“The US patent system adds the fuel of interest to the fire of genius in the discovery and production of new and useful things.”

– Abraham Lincoln


Services We Offer


Regardless of your organization’s IP Management System, we provide docketing services to manage incoming and outgoing correspondence from the US and international patent offices and agents.

Filing Support

We assist in preparing and filing applications in jurisdictions like the US, EP, PCT etc., and coordinate with your existing foreign agents for international filings.

IDS Management

Our team is responsible for tracking family relationships and references, preparing SB08, finding copies of foreign references and English abstracts, removing embedded fonts, uploading references, and filing on Patent Center.

Post Grant Support

We handle proofreading for granted or published US patents, PTA audits, ascertaining expiry dates for US patents based on priority, and terminal disclaimers.

Annuity Coordination

Our team coordinates between the existing annuity service provider, attorneys, and clients to ensure annuity payment instructions are processed in time and data between different systems are always synced and accurate.

Special Projects

We provide interim support to handle situations like transfer-ins, lateral onboarding, data verification, etc.

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