Patent Search & Analytics

Patent Search & Analytics

Providing specific and tailored search and analytic services unique to each client’s needs.

We provide a host of Patent Research & Analytic Services which enable our clients to take the right decision concerning drafting relevant claims for their invention, the decision to file or not to file in light of the prior art uncovered by our team, validity/invalidity study support during litigation, mapping of standards & products to patents, and identifying patent landscape for specific technology areas.

Our Patent Analytics capabilities include assessing the strength of the patent portfolio, studying technology evolution, and identifying new R&D opportunities by providing Patent white space analysis. Our team also performs detailed secondary research and patent data analysis to strengthen our results with meaningful insights. This enables our clients to make informed decisions about their patent portfolio and future strategy.



“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.”

– Carly Fiorina

Services We Offer

  • Patentability Search
  • (In)Validity Searches
  • Evidence of Use Analysis
  • Freedom-to-Operate/ Clearance Search
  • Patent Landscape Study
  • Patent Mining
  • Patent Portfolio Analysis
  • Patent Summary Report
  • Due Diligence Report


Apart from the above standard services, we also liaise with the client to provide specific and tailored search and analytic services as per client needs.

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