Auto Forms Generator (DocGen)

Auto Forms Generator

Most organizations that file IP applications spend exorbitant amounts of time & energy creating scores of PTO documents.

Introducing Auto Forms Generator, the latest innovation in Trexo Global’s Next-Gen IP Management Products suite. Auto Forms Generator empowers in-house staff to achieve at least a 20% increase in efficiency when generating PTO forms.

Whether your organization is dealing with outdated technology, manually copying and pasting data, or configuring an IP Management System for PTO document generation, Auto Forms Generator offers a seamless solution. This product transforms the entire workflow into an efficient end-to-end process, significantly reducing the time and effort required for these critical tasks.

Auto Forms Generator is more than just a product; it is a catalyst for productivity and innovation in IP management that unlocks efficiency and productivity in your day-to-day IP operations.

  • Swift Form Generation: : Generate multiple PTO forms in seconds using our intuitively customizable templates, ensuring unmatched speed and precision.
  • Versatile Document Creation: : Create multiple documents linked to one matter, such as when filing an application, or generate the same document for multiple matters, like when onboarding a new portfolio requiring Power of Attorney (PoA) filings
  • Technology Agnostic: Seamlessly collaborate with attorneys to ensure timely approvals and streamline procedures with automated email signatures.
  • Custom Forms: : In addition to PTO forms, Auto Forms Generator can create custom forms tailored to your organization or individual attorneys.
  • USPTO Integration: With one-click filing, Auto Forms Generator ensures a simplified and efficient submission of all your documents.

Automatic Form Generation

Auto Forms Generator’s modern technology eliminates the inefficient process of generating PTO and custom forms.

Time & Cost Savings

Leveraging our proprietary technology allows organizations to dramatically reduce the amount of time & cost spent on generating PTO forms.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Free up your staff’s time for other activities while maintaining quality and efficiency in form management



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