IP Data Validation Services

IP Data Validation Services

Maintaining accurate IP data remains an ongoing challenge for IP groups. Trexo Global specializes in Intellectual Property Data Validation (IPDV) services, ensuring accuracy and integrity of our client’s patent and trademark data. Our commitment lies in delivering accurate, complete, and timely validation through diverse sources, thus minimizing risks associated with inaccurate information.

Whether your firm has added new clients or attorneys, are considering a switch of your IP Management System, or you are just concerned about the overall accuracy of your IP data, Trexo Global has a robust solution to meet your needs.



“Where there is data smoke, there’s business fire.”

– Thomas Redman aka The Data Doc


Why choose Trexo Global’s IPDV Services?

Global Jurisdiction Coverage:

  • Patent Data: 145 jurisdictions
  • Trademark Data: 77 jurisdictions

Comprehensive Data Collection:

  • Collection: Our meticulous data collection process from a variety of sources guarantees a comprehensive dataset.
  • Comparison: We compare global IP data against ours customer’s information to identify any discrepancies.

Quality Assurance:

  • We prioritize quality assurance through our rigorous validation process, ensuring the highest standards of data accuracy and reliability.

Customer-Centric Reporting:

  • Our reporting mechanism is tailored to meet our customer’s needs, providing detailed insights into any discrepancies identified during the validation process.
Trexo Global’s IP Data Validation Services provide reliability in the dynamic world of intellectual property, offering solutions that safeguard your data integrity. Partner with us to enhance the quality and reliability of your patent and trademark data. Click below to learn more!

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