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Existing software solutions in the IP landscape lack efficiency. The major hindrance to changing software is the time-consuming and exhaustive change management process.

Trexo Global is solving this problem using METIS, our unique set of products that counter these challenges. Each product within the METIS universe is an independent module built to address specific IP process-related issues and can be implemented quickly with minimal or no change management. None of our solutions require changing an organization’s existing enterprise systems.

Metis is built as a future-proof platform that digitizes and embeds intelligence into the intellectual property value chain, and is poised to spearhead the future of IP automation and technology.

Metis – Data Risk Manager

To counter the risks of missing or incorrect deadlines, TREXO GLOBAL brings to you Metis-Data Risk Manager. Metis-DRM is the world’s first automated quality control software and can proactively identify issues related to due dates, soft docket dates, actions etc.

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IP Consulting

Process Design & Transformation

The IP Consulting Practice aims to future-proof businesses by evaluating process design and how it impacts the effective utilization of people and technology. Our approach involves the best of both worlds – qualitative and quantitative indicators to evaluate processes.

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We help IP professionals eliminate inefficiencies by deploying the latest technology and experienced resources

Founded by a team of senior executives with 50+ years of combined experience in servicing IP law firms and corporate IP departments, TREXO GLOBAL is a modern company focused on solving real-world problems for IP professionals. Our state-of-the-art products help IP professionals maximize the worth of their time. We endeavor to provide solutions that fit our customers’ needs using the right balance of People, Process and Technology.

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